Core Values

Excellence:-  Achieving the best. It is exceeding others’ expectations, doing things right the first time, and continually improving performance.

Creativity :- Using knowledge and imagination to enhance or develop new programs, services, and relationships. It enables us to see problems as opportunities to improve.

Integrity:- living in harmony with our values. It is acting honestly and responsibly at all times.

Caring:- Anticipating and meeting other people’s needs.

Leadership :- An attitude, not a position. It seeks a vision of the whole, values both people and tasks and celebrates successes.

Teamwork:- working together to achieve a common goal. It requires sharing knowledge and using our talents and skills cooperatively.

Competency:- Having the knowledge, skills and motivation needed to achieve peak performance. It requires technical expertise, interpersonal effectiveness , and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Respect for persons:- We care for all persons as unique human beings with caring and respect.

Quality of care:- We promote an organization wide commitment to quality of care through:

-       The involvement of key leaders at all organizational levels.

-       An interactive team effort, including staff, patients and other served.

-       A systematic approach for open communication at all organizational levels.

Employee empowerment:- We empower all employees to take reasonable action to meet the express needs of patients and others and to identify opportunities to improve care and service.