1-To introduce safety environment for both DHCW (dental health care workers) and our customers.

2-To increase number of well-trained sterilization technicians to cover both specialized dental centers and primary care centers.

3-To increase awareness and education of DHCW with ideal infection control procedures & safety measures.

4-To increase quality management awareness for all (DHCW) to do more effective and efficient work.

5- To have efficient IT system in all dental sector.

6- To apply indicators for measuring manpower productivity and all aspects of dental sector including (structure ,process and outcome) .

7-To increase number of well-trained medical secretaries to cover both specialized dental centers and primary care centers in all districts.

8- To prepare national dental infection control standards to be followed to achieve the best practice in dental field.

9- To construct new centers or redesign old centers to reduce the load on old centers.

10- To prepare sterilization manual for sterilization rooms.

11- To construct central sterilization rooms in primary care centers .